How to tell if casual dating is right for you

How to tell if casual dating is right for you

The chains in our minds include the limitations drilled to us since our childhood. The older generation had their own set of relationship rules and regulations, and those are what we learned. Casual sex is dating reinvented, and online dating is the way to get connected to those in the “now generation.”


Break the chains

When we break the chains in our mind, we become free. There is this book entitled “Johnathan Livingston Seagull.” Written by Richard Bach during the 60s’, this classic illustrated book is about a bird that refused to accept that he had limits in the height of the flying he could achieve. He decided to break those chains in his mind that kept his feathered friends pegged into thinking that they cannot fly higher. Jonathan, the seagull, got to fly higher than all others.

No commitment

Casual sex is essentially any sexual encounter with a person that happens without a commitment. If the person has to be exclusively yours, the sex that will happen is no longer considered as casual. There are several reasons why a person would choose to have casual sex. Some see it as a carefree way to get intimacy as they prefer not to get into a relationship. Some people have illicit sex as an escape from their binding relationship.

Casual sex

Having sex with someone that we barely know can happen when we use apps for sex dating. Casual sex encounters may bring about positive emotions. Great sex will rarely lead to regret. When people have casual sex and find the experience satisfactory, it can improve their wellbeing. A person will feel desirable, gain sexual pleasure, and exhibit an increase in confidence. Note that not all hookups do result in orgasms, but for many, they find joy in having sex. Not all people orgasm each time they mate, and sometimes, getting it on might be enough.

Intimate encounters

Stereotyping hookups as meaningless sex is not correct. The intimate encounter is satisfactory; that is why many people desire it. It fills the need for inclusion and is more enjoyable to those who prefer hookups to traditional relationships.

Find a sex partner

The correct approach to casual sex is to see it as physical activity. If you are looking for love or a long-term relationship, or a repeat of the action with the same person, casual sex is not for you. It technically is a one-night stand. However, having casual sex with someone can lead to a relationship, but that is not to be expected.

Adult dating

When you enter into the world of apps for adult dating, you will discover many people who want you just for sex. It is a liberated world where intentions are placed upfront. Lay your cards down on the table, and take a good look at what are your reasons for getting a date. If you are all ready for a fling, just want to get laid, and are willing to go for a one-night stand, then casual sex is for you.